Capezio Tights

adult, child
1825 a/c footed ultra soft 1915 a/c footed ultra soft 1961 a/c stirrup
1917 a/c footless
n14  a/c hold and stretch
1916 a/c transitional
3407 a/c basic fishnet seamless
3408 a/c basic fishnet seamed
3000 a/c professional seamless fishnet
3400 a/c professional with seam
a 91 body tight  

Body Wrapper Tights

adult, child
a/c 30 footed
a/c 31 transitional
a/c 32 stirrup
a/c 33 footless
a 91 body tight
a/c 64 rhinestone fishnets dance socks

Bloch Tights

ladies, girls
t0981 l/g Footed
t0982 l/g adaptatoe t0984 l/g stirrup
t0985 footless